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June 2, 2020

A Message from It’s Time Texas CEO Amy McGeady

As a leader and a person, I must start with myself. I want to acknowledge that not being a racist is not enough. Only by becoming an antiracist will I move from good intentions to the bold action necessary to advance racial equity and social justice. I have a lot to learn, and am committed to listening deeply and learning from those with lived experiences of racism.

On behalf of It’s Time Texas, I want to communicate our unwavering belief that #BlackLivesMatter. As we posted on Twitter yesterday, racism is a public health issue. We will not accomplish our goal of transforming health in Texas as long as systemic racism continues to perpetuate health disparities and health inequities.

We must show up, take a stand, listen deeply, and be in solidarity with those working on health equity. In honesty and transparency, we have not yet determined what our best role will be. A lot of very important work is already being led by communities of color and marginalized voices. We are committed to doing the deep listening and learning to determine the best and most appropriate role for us in this work.

Here’s what we do know:

  • Our country’s pain, anger, and frustration are the result of the ongoing trauma of systemic racism that is deep and generational.
  • We stand against the structural racism that undermines or threatens the safety, health, and well-being of People of Color.
  • We recognize that social justice requires more than advocating for access.
  • Social justice is foundational to building a culture of health; it requires inclusion, deep listening, and honoring and respecting diversity of lived experience.
  • Racism is a social determinant of health.

We recognize that the work ahead will not be easy. As an organization, we stand in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter and others engaged in fighting systemic injustices.  We are committed to being a good ally, partner, supporter, and leader (where appropriate) – lending our voice and resources to this important issue. We are committed to doing the internal work to build diversity, equity, and inclusion infrastructure within our organization.

Until we address the systemic racism that affects our society, Texans will not be able to live their healthiest lives.

Yours in health,

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