IT’S TIME TEXAS is uniting and accelerating the health movement in Texas and beyond.

Unhealthy has become the new normal. Chronic diseases associated with unhealthy lifestyles and communities have reached epidemic proportions in the U.S. and the related costs threaten to bankrupt our country and way of life.

IT’S TIME to take action.

Join Us! 

You are the motivated. We created this cause for you and are building it with you. IT’S TIME for the Lone Star State to serve as a model for the nation. IT’S TIME to make healthy the norm in Texas.

Baker HarrellBaker Harrell, PhD, Founder and CEO, IT’S TIME TEXAS


In short time, our cause has begun to turn the tide for health in Texas. These numbers demonstrate the power of individuals, organizations, and communities working together to create healthy change.

Individuals Activated
Communities Enlisted
Schools & Organizations Engaged
Statewide Partners United

Growing Healthy Schools

This easy-to-use online fundraising tool provides opportunity for anyone in a school community—parents, educators, administrators—to fund a healthy project for their campus! Start raising money for your school today!

Teach Healthier

Our Teach Healthier Mobile App is a free tool that provides hundreds of health and physical education lessons for students of all ages, right on your phone or tablet! Download Teach Healthier in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today!

Choose Healthier

Our free Choose Healthier Mobile App, created in collaboration with Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas, is the easiest way to both share and promote healthy activities and events near you!


What are you doing to improve your health or the health of your family, workplace, or larger community? We want to share your story with the rest of Texas, and connect you with resources that can make your work even more powerful!


BlueCross BlueShield of Texas
RGK Foundation