Get Ready to Walk, Texas!

We’re thrilled to host our 2nd annual Texas Walks campaign! This statewide initiative is a way for Texans to rally their family, friends, and co-workers to walk in support of a healthy lifestyle and a healthier state. Texas Walks will take place on October 20th at 10 AM. Go outside, take a friend with you, and walk for just 10 minutes. Together, we’ll create a healthier Texas.

Why You Should Walk.

People often think that they have to have an intensive gym workout to make healthy lifestyle changes. It doesn’t have to be that complicated! Many studies show that something as simple as walking can improve your overall health. The benefits from taking a daily walk include losing weight, strengthening your bones and muscles, preventing high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, and improving your immune system. Walking has it all. It is simple and doesn’t require any instruction. Now, as Charles Dickens said, “Walk to be healthy, walk to be happy.” Ready, Set, Walk!

How to Get Involved.

Texas Walks is a campaign for all of Texas to get involved! We believe that every Texan deserves the right to have access to healthy food, nutrition education, affordable healthcare, and fitness activities. Nothing matters more to us than the health of you and your loved ones. Between now and October 22nd, you can choose a donation level that fits your budget and receive a special Texas Walks thank you gift. Anyone who donates will be entered into a special grand prize drawing! 

Donate Now! >>

Alright. Let’s say you donated. Now, how does that donation help Texas? Your financial support benefits Texans of all ages by enabling us to provide afterschool programming to students in low-income areas, expand our free health and wellness app, Choose Healthier, to new communities, and help individuals live healthier lifestyles through our free coach hotline.

What to do on October 20th.

Just walk and share pictures through social media! Here are a few ideas to make a group walk happen in your community:

If you’re an educator, share information about Texas Walks with your principal and/or district-level administrators. Many Texas schools and school districts have already signed up to walk with their students and staff! Plan to take your students out for a 10-minute walk and discuss the health benefits. Studies have shown that students retain more information and are more alert in class when they are given short breaks to move and play throughout the day. Texas Walks can jumpstart a healthy activity to continue year-round!

If you’re at the office, share information about Texas Walks with your boss or leadership team as soon as possible, and ask them if they will invite all staff to walk. We all know how busy our schedules can get, so make a 10 AM calendar event including the meetup spot, and send a reminder email on the 19th. Just 10-minute walking break each day can increase your productivity, so get your whole office on board!

If you are at home, gather friends and families in your neighborhood to meet at a central location so everyone can walk together. Hang flyers at your local community center or post in a community forum to spread the word about the event. It’s a great way to meet your neighbors and encourage others to get moving! 

We have a responsibility to help build healthier communities for the generations to come. Take to social media to share this campaign so fellow Texans can join the movement, too. Check out our website for sample posts, email templates, graphics, and profile picture filters, and don’t forget to hashtag #TexasWalks on Twitter or Instagram whenever you post that healthy selfie!