Loving IT’S TIME From the Big Apple: Amie Hoff!

You may recognize Amie from her spots on ABC, CBS, NBC and CNBC, Dr Oz, The Today Show and Good Morning America, or you may have read her story in Shape, Fitness and Women’s Health, the New York Times, Washington Post or Newsweek. Amie was even a finalist to replace Jillian Michaels as a personal trainer on the NBC hit The Biggest … Read More

How to Take the 2015 Community Challenge!

Which Texas Cities Will Demonstrate the Greatest Commitment to Healthy Living in 2015? If this will be your first time participating in the H-E-B Community Challenge, don’t fear. It’s easy! You can earn points for your city by doing a number of healthy activities as an individual, through a school, business, or organization! You get points by uploading photos or videos … Read More

Growing Healthy Schools: Hear From Our Winners!

Congratulations to our Growing Healthy Schools Fall Semester Winners! Over 20 schools all over Texas raised a total of $8,700 for healthy school projects this semester and received donations from local businesses, parents, school staff, and community members. The winning schools raised the necessary funds for new recess equipment, classroom fitness stations, outdoor staff fitness equipment, and an outdoor basketball/volleyball court! We … Read More

Meet Our Fall Interns! Marketing:

MEET RYAN GARDNER Becoming interested in health was completely accidental for me. I read Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals on the basis of a recommendation, and it opened my eyes to the world of health, behind the scenes of factory farming, the importance of organic food, and more. From there, I almost immediately adopted a plant-based diet. Along the way, … Read More

The Choose Healthier Coach Hotline: Meet Coach Suzanne!

Healthy can feel complicated. Healthy can feel overwhelming. We all have questions, and we all need support! So we have created a first-of-its-kind tool, a free hotline you can call from anywhere in Texas to speak with a Health Coach who is trained and equipped to answer your questions and help you reach your health goals! The Choose Healthier Coach Hotline … Read More

Meet Our Fall Interns! Out of School Time Program:

MEET MONICA SOLIS   I didn’t know what “healthy” really was until I went to college. Throughout middle school and high school, since I wasn’t on a sports team, I was stuck in general P.E. where most coaches had my classmates and I walking the track or running errands. In health class we would learn about diseases and viruses, but … Read More

Meet Our Fall Interns! Project Development:

MEET MORGAN GARRISON I started making healthier choices in college. I was on my own, so my parents weren’t around to tempt me with homemade comfort food. I also had lots of friends who loved hiking and rock climbing, and they got me started! I realized I felt better physically and emotionally whenever I was eating right and exercising on a … Read More

Meet Our Fall Interns! The Programs Team:

MEET LAURA CASTILLO Hi, I’m Laura Castillo-Alaniz, and being an intern for IT’S TIME TEXAS has allowed me to continue to make healthy the norm, which is exactly what the organization strives for. Growing up, I was an extremely active person. My parents made me try every sport at least once ’til I found one that I liked. I ended … Read More

Interns in Action – Keeping Busy, Keeping Active

MEET LEEROY CIENEGA Since I was young, I have always taken a special interest in aquatic sports. For two consecutive years in high school, I dove competitively in region-wide competitions. Our training sessions and group workouts were physically challenging and mentally excruciating. The exhilaration I derived everyday from practice, is what kept me going. Swimming and diving inspired me to … Read More

Interns in Action! – Being Healthy is Fun!

MEET LU SHAN It’s not easy to find a workplace, like IT’S TIME TEXAS, where you can sit on a fitness ball or stand up to do your work. When I was a kid, I was asked to eat all kinds of vegetables so that I would have a nutritious and balanced diet. I benefited a lot from this habit. … Read More

Interns in Action – Run for the Gold!

Meet Jenna Nelson Throughout my lifetime, I have lived actively and have had a passion for health and wellness. Recently, I’ve been lucky enough to partake in roles that allow me to advocate this passion and help me improve my own fitness and eating routines. Being both the Health & Wellness Chair for my sorority and an Events & Initiatives … Read More

Interns in Action – Importance of Athleticism!

MEET OLIVIA TURNER As both of my parents are health-care professionals, being healthy was an important part of my lifestyle growing up. My sisters and I were always encouraged to participate in sports as often as possible and eat healthy meals. Unfortunately, as I got older, health became less important to me. I stopped exercising as frequently and ate badly. … Read More

Interns in Action! The Youth

MEET JIWOO KIM I remember my Middle School cafeteria being something similar to the Willy Wonka Factory. Though it didn’t have chocolate rivers or oompa loompas, it had comparably the same amount of sweets. My first year of middle school was filled with chocolates, candies, and sugary chewing gum and I progressively went from being petite to almost being obese. … Read More